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miranda-leal: Hi will! Well i have been really sad, my ex broke up with me a bunch of time ago and he has moved on which hurts me way too much he is now dating one of my friends im like devastated he was my first love, i never believed that someone in this world would ever fall in love with me he was way to special for me I've been crying for days and I just want to move on and let go and I just dont know how, I hope you get to see this message it would be very special for me, Have a great day!

Aw lovely. Your mind will make you do crazy things. I was in your position about two months ago and it still really hurts but it does improve. I will say one thing, don’t bottle up how you’re feeling. Cry and cry if you want to just get it out of your system. You will feel empty, alone and think nobody understands you and thats ok, thats how i felt. Go to your friends and family and spend time with them. Cut of all ties to this person. Don’t look at his social media. ERASE THAT SHIT. Remove any items that remind you of him and put them in a box. Time heals all I promise you. Hope you feel better. X

kaylakirby1215: Is it just me or does the idea of love at first sight seem somewhat shallow? I mean you havent even had a chance to know them as a person and based on their looks you love them? Maybe Im being cynical but I want someone to fall for the real me first.

I don’t believe in it. The most attractive quality in somebody is their personality. 

x-art-of-life-x13: I miss your face on YouTube, Will

New video. Tommorow.

molliefrancesca: Why isn't 500 days of summer on Netflix, such an inconvenience

bloody annoying