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Anonymous: im sorry i didnt approach you i was in a hurry and you're very tall and scary



Should have said something??

Anonymous: Seriously Will? Kendall? I expected more from you

You expected more from me for finding a beautiful tall dark haired model attractive? God forbid.

Anonymous: 500 Days of Summer wasn't about a realistically good relationship - it was about a delusional guy who chased after a pixie dream girl and got upset even though she'd told him she wasn't interested in love. That's why in the end, he met a girl named Autumn - it was to show that guys like him get stuck in a repetitive cycle of envisioning the ideal person.

I agree, but not with the ending. The ending was symbolic in the fact that perhaps love and destiny are a real thing, hence the name Autumn, what are the chances? I believe its a optimistic ending rather than a pessimistic one.

Anonymous: Hi will-- i was just wondering why you enjoy 500 Days Of Summer so much?

I just think it presents the dynamics of a relationship really well. It’s just great. The soundtrack, the design, cinematography, the performances. It’s just bang on.