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Anonymous: Seriously Will? Kendall? I expected more from you

You expected more from me for finding a beautiful tall dark haired model attractive? God forbid.

Anonymous: 500 Days of Summer wasn't about a realistically good relationship - it was about a delusional guy who chased after a pixie dream girl and got upset even though she'd told him she wasn't interested in love. That's why in the end, he met a girl named Autumn - it was to show that guys like him get stuck in a repetitive cycle of envisioning the ideal person.

I agree, but not with the ending. The ending was symbolic in the fact that perhaps love and destiny are a real thing, hence the name Autumn, what are the chances? I believe its a optimistic ending rather than a pessimistic one.

Anonymous: Hi will-- i was just wondering why you enjoy 500 Days Of Summer so much?

I just think it presents the dynamics of a relationship really well. It’s just great. The soundtrack, the design, cinematography, the performances. It’s just bang on.

Anonymous: ahh, i know you have thousands of asks already but i really really hope you see this one. so i'm into astrology, and reading the things you write about yourself and listening to your videos makes me incredibly curious of what your moon sign is (google it). you sound so much like a gemini moon. i'm a gemini moon, and my brain n e v e r shuts up. i think about everything all the time, it's mentally exhausting sometimes. could you please find out yours? it's super interesting. love you. x

Apparently I’m a Taurus moon..?

Anonymous: What do you do all day ? Like do you have a job or anything outside of youtube ?

Not atm. I finished film school about a year ago and have spent this year just kinda trying to find myself and see what I want to do and YouTube kinda just fell into place and it’s actually keeping me really busy.