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Anonymous: Hiii, on your blog and tumblr you look so serious and on Will´s vine´s you look so crazy and funny! i´m not hating or something like that, i´m just confused haha xx


I guess the subject matter of what I write about isn’t probed by will shoving a camera in my face making goose noises!

Anonymous: I didn't know you could write that good. What you wrote is beautiful and if i were the person you are in love i would feel so special and i would cry reading this. ( i cried a bit and it is not even about me... Is it? Haha) you and Alexa are lucky for having each other. keep strong guys, distance relationships are worth it. My best friend had a relationship with an american guy ( we are spanish) for two years and last march they got married and now live in California together. Just be pacient! x

That’s a lovely story! Thankyou. x

Anonymous: but what if you find that person, and trust them not to break you, and then they leave you with nothing? How are you meant to recover from that?

what I would say to that is, if they treat you that way, were they really the love of your life? there will be somebody out there who doesn’t break you.