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Anonymous: I feel like you are Drake with this whole YouTube thing except your version of Degrassi was Jack and Finn. You have not "started from the bottom" like most other youtubers. I think you should appreciate the help you have had.

Whats your point? I completely appreciate the help i’ve been given. And you know what? If I’m anything like Drake, i’d be totally happy with that.

Anonymous: Do you know why annoys me so much, when people complain about jack and finn not uploading. I love u for tweeting that things yesterday and for standing up for them. People need to understand that youtubers don't owe them anything, they can live their life however they want. And they do work so hard even if they're not posting videos, editing and post production take time. Quality content doesn't take one single day to make, u can make shitty videos in one day but Id rather wait months for better

I completely agree. I think people think Jack & Finn are being malicious by not uploading. In a ideal world they’d upload every day if they could, but sometimes people need to take some just to absorb whats happening around them. JacksGap went from 1 million subscribers to 3 million in a year. We celebrated it together in South Africa, and only a few months later it was 2 million. That is a lot of people. Its an overwhelming amount of people. Its an unfathomable amount of people. People need to understand that they are both under a unbelievable amount of stress and pressure to produce something not only they are happy with but will please 3 million people. They are both perfectionists and will put something out when they are ready. It may be hard to believe for some people, but YouTube is a difficult thing. Its tough and I’m incredibly proud of them for keeping it together for so long. They will be back and back with a vengeance. Patience guys, hang in there. We all appreciate your support.

downtown-serenity: can you describe game of thrones in one word? i'm about to start watching it..


Anonymous: What was the name of the place where you found your kinder maxi? I've had the same problem for years :(

I Camisa & Son in Soho, London

Anonymous: How can you afford all this travelling?

god knows, i have no moneys

Anonymous: Do you like Aaron sorkins?

he is a genius

Anonymous: a must see tv show?

breaking bad, true detective, game of thrones