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I think I’m going to need to take a break from tumblr for a few days because the questions in my ask are honestly overwhelming me. I don’t want to disable my ask because I think it’s a great thing and 80% of the messages are lovely and funny and interesting but every now and again the things people ask about are so insanely personal and people seem to pick up on any little social interaction I have with someone and blow it out of proportion.. Weirdly my ask is filled with a lot of this stuff at the moment and I’m not entirely sure where it’s coming from..

Will be back in a few days xx

jolipetitpois: Can't find the track you used for your video 'My City' - help a sister out?

I believe its unreleased so I dont think its anywhere :/

Anonymous: I love you! But please, check your grammar?

why d0es it matta?

dupamine: Would you do a short film ? I think you should

I’ve done multiple but I hate them all so i’ll never show anybody but i’m trying to write one at the moment.

Anonymous: Would you ever move to the states?

Maybe NYC, as much as I love L.A I don’t think I could stand living there without going insane. A lot of the people there make me want to break things.

branlac: As a filmmaker and a music fan what do you see for the future of music videos? I often admire the effort put into the visual of a record but it also seems like it won't last with the changing way music is enjoyed these days ...

I would like to direct music videos full time. I would like that to be my job in the future. I think music videos will just be as common in future. They are so radically important now and still have such a huge impact. Think about Nicki’s Anaconda and Miley’s Wrecking Ball videos. They were huge.

bishwh0: would you rather be Kanye or meet Kanye?

Meet Kanye. I imagine he harvest’s some deep demons inside.

Anonymous: Can you describe Charly in one word? It looks like she makes you feel really happy and I love your friendship with her!

'Brilliant' - I love Charly deeply. 

Anonymous: If you could have one song playing over and over again for the rest of your life, what song would be? a song that means something to you and you wouldn't mind listen to it for the rest of your days.

It changes on a day to day basis. Right now i’ve had ‘Fever To The Form’ by Nick Mulvey on repeat.

katyokay: What is most important to you at the moment? X

Making good content and my friends and family.